Symphony Z33
Symphony Z33 is the best gaming phone for only 10 thousand Taka

Symphony Z33 is the best gaming phone for only 10 thousand Taka

Symphony Z33: Many mothers want to buy a good phone below ten thousand rupees. Which would be good in all cases. So today I am going to talk about a phone Symphony Z about. Symphony is a very popular phone in Bangladesh at a low price.

Symphony Z33 Review

So let’s get to know the phone,

  • 6.5 inch HD+ Display
  • 3 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM
  • UNISOC T610 Processor
  • 5000 mAh Battery
  • Price only 8790 BDT
Symphony Z33
Symphony Z33

The design and build quality are very nice. It’s very nice to see. It has three or four color variants. Fingerprint scanner is provided on the back. Which works pretty quickly. Behind the speaker of the phone. The phone has a triple slot.

So a memory card with 2 SIMs can also be used. Although the phone uses a 5000 mAh battery. Even then, the phone is not that thick.

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The display

The phone has a 7.5-inch display. Which is of IPS Panel and 720 P regulation. The phone display is very good. The color tone in particular was very good. The brightness of the phone was pretty much right inside the room. But when you go out or go to direct sunlight, you have to face a little problem.

The battery

5000 amp battery is used in the phone. Which gives very good backup. A day will go by comfortably with fair gaming and thumping use. And if you have become a normal user. Then it will take one and a half to two days.


Now let’s talk about phone performance. The phone uses 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of Rom. UNISOC T610 is the processor. These processors are mostly used in less expensive phones.

But this processor is different. Because it is made as a gaming processor. Which can be compared to Mediatek G70 in terms of performance. The processor is completely new though. In terms of gaming performance, it was not far behind.

The phone suggests High Frame Rate with HD graphics in Pubz. However, you will play in Standard Graphics. Occasionally there was nothing that you do to cause it. Moreover, the game of Call of Duty can be played without any hassle. And the free fire flew.


The phone comes with 3 GB / 32 GB of RAM. It would have been better to actually use 32 GB of ROM here. Moreover, here you can use memory cards up to 128 GB. Since 3 GB RAM has been used here. So multitasking will take a little load to notice. It would have been nice to have a variant of the phone with a 4GB RAM.

The camera

There is a 13 megapixel primary camera on the back as a camera. And a 2-megapixel micro lenses. There is an 8 megapixel camera as the front camera.

Time to take pictures with the rear camera. When you get proper light, you get a good quality picture. However, when the light is reduced, the quality and detail of the picture is greatly reduced. The front camera is the same. In low light the image quality is lost.

Video can be played at 30 fps at 1080p. However, because there is no stability in the video, the videos are not very good.

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