YouTube Community Guidelines
YouTube Community Guidelines

What are YouTube Community Guidelines? The way to escape from it Episode 01

YouTube Community Guidelines: YouTube, like every other company, has its own set of rules. YouTube is now experiencing two strikes, the most deadly of which is the YouTube Community Guidelines strike. If a YouTuber violates the Community Guidelines on his channel, his channel may be wrecked, and his brother may be forced to shut down YouTube. So, let’s look into what’s causing the YouTube Community Guidelines strike right now.

Giving incorrect information:

  • 1. To make the movie more fascinating, many people write between the thumbnails and the title. However, there is something else in the video. A community guideline strike may be called as a result of this. This means that your thumbnails and titles must be consistent with the content of your video. Allow viewers to see only your titles and thumbnails after entering the video.
  • 2. Do not plagiarize other people’s channel titles, channel descriptions, video titles, video descriptions, or anything else. These aren’t like YouTube, though. Many people also supply profile and cover photographs of any prominent YouTuber on their channel, but don’t provide them. Even still, it’s possible that this will result in a community guideline strike on your channel.
  • 3. Inverted links should not be included in your video description. Pornography, advertising links (clicking on a link that allows viewers to wait before entering the main link), direct affiliate links, links to viruses, websites or apps that collect personal data from customers, and so forth.
  • 4. In the video, you are not allowed to use any additional foul language. Aside from that, you will not be permitted to use language that is harmful to others. No one can be insulted.
  • 5. You are not permitted to include videos in your YouTube channel’s playlist that are in violation of YouTube’s guidelines. Your channel may still be on a community guideline strike if you re-upload any content that has already been deleted from YouTube.

Sensitive content:

  1. No footage of a child being abused or damaged can be uploaded.
  2. There is no violent action, sex, anything that would disturb others, rude language, or abuse in the thumbnails.
  3. The video must not contain any sexual content.
  4. Nothing like suicide or suicide can be used in the video or thumbnail.
  5. There can’t be any profanity in the video. Furthermore, many videos feature fighting, and no foul language is permitted during those battles.

The article is too long. I will discuss other aspects of the Community Guidelines in the next post.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.